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Our dedication to unmatched service includes offering the best in new systems and parts. You can count on us for products that bring energy-efficiency, quiet operation, and comfort to you and your family. Choose us and we'll help you relax.

Air Conditioners

We work with you to design a custom solution that will meet your needs. Our experienced technicians will visit your home or business and provide you with recommendations. We have a wide selection of units to fit your budget and your home, regardless of layout and size. We carry systems from these top brands:


Carrier Greenspeed™ Intelligence System

Carrier Greenspeed intelligence system

The Greenspeed intelligence system delivers unrivaled performance by providing heating and cooling, steady comfort, and offering the best in energy efficiency.

A Greenspeed intelligence system can:

  • Run low, slow and amazingly quiet
  • Adjust with precision to the heating and cooling demands of your home
  • Operate at longer, but lower and steadier capacities - for example, a majority of the time the system can operate at only 40% capacity
  • Run up to 69% more efficiently than other ducted air source heat pumps available today
  • Make air purifiers, and other system enhancements even more effective


Take control with a traditional or programmable thermostat

Take control of your comfort 24/7 with a traditional or programmable thermostat. Each unit is installed and setup by our trained technicians to help you create the perfectly tempered home. They can even help you program it around your family's schedule. Which can in turn save you up to $180 per year, according to the EPA. With this much control it's easy to save time and money while staying cool.

Indoor Air Quality

Blue-Tube UV lights system

Your family's health is of the utmost importance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the air quality in your home could up to 5 times worse than the air outside. We'll help you disinfect with the Blue-Tube UV lights system.

Blue-Tube UV is the world's most popular germicidal UV light product for air conditioning systems, specifically designed to destroy mold and bacteria. Breathe easier knowing the air your family breathes is protected by the latest technology. Learn more →

Federal Tax Credits

Receive up to a $300 dollar tax credit

Receive up to a $300 dollar tax credit this year when you install a new, high-efficiency air conditioner. Your new system will save you money the rest of the year too! Don't miss out on this limited-time offer (expires 12/31/2013), call us today at (239) 936-0333 to setup your free assessment.